Bulgaria: Three songs qualify for semi-final

In the past three weeks, another series of quarter finals took place in Bulgaria. Tonight, it was time for another qualification round. Out of eight entries, three qualified for the national semi-final:

  • Plamen Penev - Dalechen sviat (14.26 % of the televotes)
  • Emilia Valenti - S Teb (12.46 %)
  • Gergana Dimova - Yasno slyntse (41.42 %)

After a total of twelve selection events, the nine winners, along with nine additional contestants picked by a jury, will compete in a semi-final, to be held on 24 January. The nine best entries, picked by televoting, will then proceed to the final, where they will be joined by three "wild card" artists, the entries of which will be selected and produced internally by BNT. In the final, the public will decide who will represent Bulgaria in Moscow at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

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