Bulgaria: third quarter-final results


Five songs competed yesterday and three more songs for the semi-finals were chosen, one of them by a jury and two via a televote. The chosen songs were:

  • Deyan Dzhenkov - Imam Tvoeto Ime (37,21% of televotes)
  • Illiyan Tsvetanov - Tozi Ritam (28,52% of televotes)
  • Ruth - Sometimes (jury's choice)

18 contestants will compete in two semi-finals, of which nine come from the quarter-finals. The other half of the contestants will be picked by a jury. After the semi-finals, viewers will pick Bulgaria's act for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in a national final.

After three quarter-finals, their respective winners will compete for a semi-final ticket.

More information (in Bulgarian) and the show on-demand can be found on the official website of the Bulgarian national selection.

You can find all you need to know about the Bulgarian national selection, including a list of all quarter-final contestants, in the article: Bulgarian selection for Moscow kicked off. 

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