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Bulgaria sends out a multilingual love message

15 May 2012 at 17:12 CEST
Sofi Marinova performed 'Love Unlimited' in Baku in 2012 EBU

Without the support of backing vocalists or dancers, Sofi Marinova was performing all alone on stage today. But given her powerful unique voice, which is characteristic for gypsy music, and her charisma, she left a confident impression and gained a big applause from the press and fans listening to her rehearsal in the Baku Crystal Arena.

The main colour of the stage setting was pink, with white waves being displayed on the background LEDs. A wind machine was used, too, along with smoke effects. In the last run of the rehearsal, the pyro effects were demonstrated as well, consisting of single shots in pink colour and rotating discs in the stage background.

Sofi Marinova already played with the cameras very nicely, especially in the close-up shots. Today she was wearing a leopard pattern dress during her rehearsal. 

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The Head of the Bulgarian Delegation started the press conference by introducing the team to the press. "Sofi Marinova is one of the biggest stars of Bulgaria - everyone knows her name there", she described the star of the Bulgarian show in Baku.

A Norwegian journalist asked Sofi why she decided to perform alone on stage. "The whole team, including the composer and the producer from Sunny Music, decided that. I have performed together with several stars on stage, but this time I decided to sing alone, and I'm happy about that", she explained. "Sofi has such a unique voice, she alone will shine on stage", the Head of Delegation, Joana Levieva-Sawyer, added.

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"English is the most important language in the world, but I speak Bulgarian, and I am a gypsy. We wanted to reach everyone in Europe with our love message, that's why we chose so many languages, but unfortunately we didn't manage to fit all the languages in there", she stated about the lyrics of Love Unlimited.

In today's press conference, Sofi Marinova also shared an important fact out of her family life with the press: "My biggest inspiration in life is my ten-year-old son Lorenzo, who is here with me, and I would very much like him to be a musician too."

She finished the press conference by singing an excerpt of a Romani song accappella.

Stay with while this article is constantly updated with pictures and videos, live from the Baku Crystal Hall!