Bulgaria quits semi-final system

Last year many heats of the Bulgarian selection were held, which grew over to semi-finals and then a final where Krassimir Avramov was chosen with his Illusion. Unfortunately, he did not qualify for the Final in Moscow, following the footsteps of the Bulgarian entry in 2008.

All of this has led BNT to change their national selection system. This year they've decided to hold an internal selection, according to the Bulgarian news portal Darik News. 

This means the broadcaster will select the singer or a group to represent them in Oslo. Then a televised show will be held where the song - written by the selected song writer(s) - will be selected by the televoters. So far it's not yet known how many songs will be performed in the show, though.

The last time Bulgaria qualified for the Final of Europe's favourite TV-show was back in 2007 when Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov had taken the job with Water. They finished fifth in Helsinki, Finland.

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