Bulgaria: National selection rules published

This year, ten singers will get the chance to perform in the Bulgarian national final. In order to find the best candidates, a commission of experts with no less than 31 members will be appointed. Each of them will have the opportunity to name three singers who, in their opinion, would be most suitable to sing for their home country in Düsseldorf. 

Those ten artists who collect the most nominations will gain a spot in the final of the Bulgarian selection, to be held on February 23rd. Each chosen finalist can enter from one up to three songs for the national final. The winning entry will be chosen by a 50/50 combination of televoting and the verdict of the expert commission, who plays a key role in this year's national selection.

In 2010, the Bulgarian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, the well-known singer Miro, was internally selected. He came 15th in the Second Semi-Final with Angel Si Ti and, thus, failed to reach the Final.


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