Bulgaria: Medieval costumes and fire

A vast array of colours are on display in the Bulgarian costumes this year. The whole look and feel of the performance is very medieval. Krassimir is joined by three female backing vocalists who have some challenging high pitched notes to hit, and for the first time since the French entry from Jonatan Cerrada in 2004 we have performers on stilts joining the team on stage.

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The LED backdrop has fire blazing away, and rotating cog wheels. After Bulgaria's failure to qualify from the Semi-Finals in Belgrade last year, Krassimir Avramov will be hoping to repeat the success that Elitsa and Stoyan's Voda enjoyed when they achieved Bulgaria's best placing to date in Helsinki, which was fifth. In the press conference, Krassimir was asked about an incident widely reported in the yellow press, saying that he had had an accident in Moscow and had been hospitalized because of that. However, he denied that story completely, saying that the story was completely made up and only a gossip.

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