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Bulgaria: Let those be the finalists!

24 January 2009 at 22:44 CET

A jury listened to all of the 18 semi-finalists, 11 of which came through the heats held before and 7 were the so-called wildcards, chosen by the broadcaster BNT. The competing entries were tonight, 9 qualifiers chosen by a jury are in bold:

  1. I Velina - Ready For Love
  2. Moto - Razstoyaniya
  3. Deyan Dzhenkov - Imam Tvoeto Ime
  4. Gergana Dimova - Yasno Slantse
  5. Stefan Dobrev - Everlasting Love
  6. Prima Vista - Let's Spread Love
  7. Erilien & Najam Sheraz - Don't Break My Heart
  8. Iskra & Misha Iliev - Dokosni Me
  9. Sahara - Don't Kiss For Money
  10. Plamen Penev - Dalechen Svyat
  11. Jura Tone Feat. Lady B - Chance To Love You
  12. Zona - Senki
  13. Stefan Ilchev - Get Up
  14. Nora - It's Not Right
  15. Emiliya Valenti - S Teb
  16. Krassimir Avramov - Illusion
  17. Tedi Slavcheva Feat. Teni & Iva - Don't Look For Me
  18. Dani Milev - Nyama Vreme

Now these songs will compete with the 3 already chosen entries - Mariana Popova with Crazy, Poli Genova with One Lifetime Is Not Enough and Grafa's Vrag - in the final of the Bulgarian selection Be A Star, to be broadcast on the 21st of February. All three of the songs were also performed tonight. 

Bulgaria did not qualify for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with their entrant Deep Zone & Balthazar who performed the cool dance-song DJ Take Me Away.