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Bulgaria: "If Love Was A Crime" presented next week

14 March 2016 at 13:00 CET
Poli Genova Kostadin Krustev
The Bulgarian entry in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will be called If Love Was A Crime, sung by Poli Genova. The song, which was written by Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Joacim Bo Persson, and Poli Genova herself, will be premiered next week. We will present the preview video on March 21st on

If Love Was A Crime will be the title of the song that Poli Genova will present on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Stockholm in May. Many people took part in this international project, with Teodosi Spasov, a renowned Bulgarian flutist, giving the recorded part of the song an interesting and unique vibe.

The song is truly an international effort. Composers and music producers of the song are Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman and Joacim Bo Persson. They are all part of Symphonics & REDFLY, which is already a proved brand in the world of pop music for having joint projects with international stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, and Britney Spears. Poli took part in the creative process and is Co-writer of the lyrics.

If Love Was A Crime was created as an international and radio-friendly production. The song is about the courage of people who dare to love and are ready to fight for their feelings no matter the circumstances and the public opinion.

"The song is powerful, engaging and casts the one and only universal message – love is above all other circumstances. Love is something we discover everywhere around us and it is a feeling that is an essential part of us. It brings us energy and faith. And we feel exactly the same way, because we know love is what makes us unstoppable. We want this message to reach everyone in this world", Poli Genova said.

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