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Bulgaria: Hollywood 'popera' star from Sofia

01 April 2009 at 18:25 CEST

Bulgarian national selection was one of the longest one this year, with quarter-finals, semi-finals and in the end, a final. The whole process lasted from October till February when the twelve finalists took the stage. On 21st of February it was Krassimir to win with his Illusion.

Krassimir, being blessed with a very rare and unique male voice, the tenor-altino, could not stay silent for long. His 1997 debut album, Silent Voices topped the pop charts in Bulgaria. One year later his journey would continue in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.

At the 2005 L.A. Music Awards, Krassimir received an honor previously bestowed upon such music notables as Gwen Stefani, Korn and Black-Eyed Peas: he won Superstar of the Year for his 2005 album Popera

Krassimir celebrated with a standing-room solo concert at Hollywood’s home of the Oscars, the prestigious Kodak Theatre. The audience gathered at the venue witnessed his bending and blending of musical genres – a synergy of classical and pop music called “popera.”  Now you can enjoy his latest hit, Illusion, which gives him the greatest responsibility ever - representing his home country at Europe's favourite TV-show. Watch it below!


Bulgaria will perform eleventh in the first Semi-Final on 12th of May in Moscow. Read more about him here.

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