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Bulgaria holds their seventh heat

Posted 28 November 2008 at 12:21

Again five songs competed of which 3 passed on to the best-out-of-three heat to be held in 2 weeks. One of them was chosen by a jury and two via a televote.
  1. Vatticana - Sun Is Shining - 34,96% of televotes
  2. Anna Star - Stranger - 4,87 %
  3. Svetozar Hristov - Borrow From The Shadow - 10,40 %

  4. Just Elly - My Song - 0,66 %

  5. Tedi Slavcheva featuring Teni & Iva - Don't Look For Me - 49,11 %
According to that, Vatticana and Tedi Slavcheva got the vote of the televiewers and Svetozar Hristov was the choice of the jury. They will now pass on to the next round.
Next thursday the selection continues with another heat of the selection process.
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