Bulgaria: From the knees to the catwalk

As many artists, Poli Genova has a hard time with morning rehearsals, and once again she had to rehearse in the morning on Saturday. Backstage, she explained the lyrics of her song. "Inat is a Bulgarian quality to help us to survive through the hard times in our history. The message of the song is that you can achieve anything that you want, you just have to find your inner strenght and believe."

Poli is always eager to get on stage. "I really enjoy being on stage, that's the best place. I enjoy is so much that I would like to be there every minute, but it's not allowed," she laughs. She also wears a tattoo on her arm, which is printed on a transparent part of her dress. It has a meaning. "The designer of the dress painted something special, but she didn't tell me. She said that when I come back, she will explain it all." She adds: "The feathers I wear means freedom and peace."

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The Bulgarian stage act really requires a big degree of fitness, but Poli Genova managed well with her elaborate performance, doing it three times in a row during the second Bulgarian rehearsal today.

She started her performance kneeling down, and during the song she was running halfway down the catwalk and back to the main stage. The timing of this has been changed since the first rehearsal, and she was not walking all the way down to the satellite position anymore. Furthermore, no wind machines were used this time.

On the main stage, she was accompanied by a small rock band and a piano player. The main colour of the stage costumes is white, with Poli Genova wearing a long dress, showing a big tattoo on her right arm. During the last chorus, she stripped off a part of her dress.

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Poli Genova started the press conference by stating that the catwalk part of her performance had to be changed because she hadn't manage to walk the 45 metres of distance to the satellite position and back during her first rehearsal without running out of breath.

Regarding her time management between the rehearsals, Poli stated that the most important thing for her team was to relax, but she admitted that she had been partying intensely the previous night.

When the press conference host asked Poli if she was using a lucky charm, she replied: "I'm Christian, and everytime I go on stage, I say a little prayer."

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