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Bulgaria: Angelic versus tempestuous

19 May 2010 at 15:44 CEST

At the start of Bulgaria's performance the stage is dressed in towering silver drapes, with dancers in white, wearing angel wings dancing gracefully behind Miro on a smoke filled stage. This mellow tempo very quickly becomes an up-tempo disco beat with the angels being replaced by energetic dance moves, acrobatics, and the drapes retracting to reveal white, flashing lights in the background, which turn orange during the chorus.  This really creates the illusion of two stages in one performance. 

Towards the end of the performance the tempo slows down slightly and the angels and smoke reappear, nicely rounding off the performance. The song also makes an impact with its somewhat abrupt ending.

During the rehearsal Miro surprised everyone by performing his song in both Bulgarian and English when it was previously expected that he would only perform Angel Si Ti in Bulgarian. The Bulgarian delegation has since exclusively revealed that the first half of the song will be sung in Bulgarian with the second verse being sung in English. 


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"In my opinion, we are all angels"

Appearing in the press conference room wearing olympic style tracksuits the Bulgarian team walked to the seating area where Miro approached the presenter, asking him how he was in Norwegian. This went down very well in the room!

Miro politely asked if he could speak in Bulgarian with the translator helping with English. He then proceeded to thank everyone for all their support and to describe his jubilation and surprise when he won the Bulgarian final, receiving 50% of the vote.  Now that he is in Oslo, he stated that he was satisfied with his first rehearsal in the hall.

Later on, Miro introduced Gordon Davis who wrote the English lyrics of Angel Si Ti (You Are An Angel). It was then reconfirmed that he will perform the song partly in English and partly in Bulgarian. 

On a lighter note, Miro remarked how warm a welcome he received in Oslo and that the "beer was incredibly cold". A Dutch reporter also asked to see the large tattoo on his back, to which he got a positive response and gave a cheeky peek to the journalists in the room.

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From 1994 to 1999 Miro won awards in eleven prestigious international festivals. In 1999 Galena Kurdova and Miro started a project later called KariZma. All singles of this duet became hits in Bulgaria. After seven years on the top of the charts, the duet Karizma released their first album Eklisiast. One year later, Miro started his solo career and after a few months he became Bulgaria's number one singer.

In his career, Miro has won all prestigious musical awards of the Bulgarian top media outlets. He released his first solo album in 2009, oMIROtvoren, which reached a sales record after the first week on the market.  He embarked on a successful nation-wide tour in 2009 which was attended by thousands of his fans.

At the end of 2009, Miro was chosen by 51 Bulgarian composers, writers and media people to be the country's representative in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Lots of songs were specially composed for him for a national final, and Miro presented five of them in a televised show on the 28th of February where his self-composed entry Angel Si Ti proved to be the most popular.