Bulgaria rehearsal
Bulgaria rehearsal Photo: Andres Putting

EQUINOX concludes rehearsal day with 'Bones' on stage

Just moments ago, Bulgarian band EQUINOX took to the rehearsal stage in Lisbon for this first time. With Zhana Bergendorff front and centre with a blunt, blond wig, it is clear EQUINOX brought their signature stage craft to Eurovision.

Rounding out the first day of rehearsals, EQUINOX - Zhana Bergendorff, Vlado Mihailov, Georgi Simeonov, Johnny Manuel and Trey Campbell -  gave a strong first performance on the Eurovision stage. Of their experience, the band had only positive things to say: After rehearsal today, we felt comfortable, which is always good for a stage. Lisbon has been incredible, the stage is out of control, the lighting, everything, we are just so, so excited."

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Bones was written and composed by Borislav Milanov, Joacim Persson, Brandon Treyshun Campbell and Dag Lundberg. 

Formed especially for the Eurovision Song Contest, EQUINOX performed their powerful song on elevated glass podiums with smoke behind them for added drama. 

EQUINOX will take to the stage again on Thursday, 3rd of May, for their second rehearsal. Bulgaria takes part in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 8th of May.

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