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The Fizz are back with a bang for their Bucks!

01 August 2017 at 16:34 CEST
The Fizz The Sun
Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom in 1981 and are just about to release their first album for nearly 30 years!

Bucks Fizz broke the mould when it came to Eurovision gimmicks. Their winning performance of Making Your Mind Up in 1981 is one of the most iconic in Eurovision history and their skirt-ripping trick inspired dozens of costume changes and gimmicks in the years that followed. Now, more than 35 years after that fateful night in Dublin, the group are back! The F-Z Of Pop is the group's first release since 1988.

The F-Z Of Pop

The group's latest single and album were produced by Mike Stock who helped create the group Scooch, the UK's Eurovision entrants in 2007. Stock co-wrote Josh Dubovie's Eurovision entry, That Sounds Good To Me and more recently he has worked with previous UK representative Nicki French.

Dancing In The Rain

The lead track on the album, Dancing In The Rain (not to be confused with Ruth Lorenzo’s Eurovision entry for Spain in 2014) debuted on The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 earlier today. The show is traditionally where UK Eurovision hopefuls are played for the first time. 

Cheryl talks exclusively to

Ahead of the release of the album, Cheryl Baker spoke exclusively to and shared her views of the Eurovision Song Contest. "Having come 11th in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978, 1981 was a dream come true. As a child, I wanted to win the Eurovision Song Contest so for it to happen was the most phenomenal thing in the world! It was a magical moment never to be forgotten," she said.   

The Eurovision Song Contest has changed almost beyond recognition over the years, does Cheryl have a favourite? "It is really hard to choose my favourite winning Eurovision Song as they have been so good, but it would between Euphoria, Rise Like A Phoenix and Heroes." 

The show must go on

Disputes amongst the original members of Bucks Fizz have been well-publicised. Due to copyright laws over the band's name, the three original members of Bucks Fizz (Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston) along with Bobby McVey are now called The Fizz. 

Bucks Fizz shot to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest they have sold over 15 million records. The latest release by The Fizz, which was financed through crowd funding, is a testament to sheer hard work and of course, staying power! 

Will you be buying the new single or are you still Making Your Mind Up?