Bosnia & Herzegovina sends Regina to Moscow

The broadcaster BHRT announced they received a total of 79 entries by the submission deadline of 20th of December, last year.

Out of those a jury chose the representative of the Balcan country - Regina. Their song is called Bistra Voda (Clear Water) and is written by Aleksandar Čović.

The song will be introduced at a special show BH Eurosong on the 1st of March.

The band was formed in 1990 in Sarajevo. Three friends, Aco, Bojan and Denis started a garage band. They were joined by the vocalist Davor Ebner. The band's first album was published in 1990 and was titled Regina.

The band dissembled soon after the highly successful second album but was reunited in 2006 by releasing the album Sve Mogu Ja

You can find more information about Regina here.

Bosnia and Herzegovina reached the 10th place in the final of the 2008 edition of Europe's favorite TV-show in Belgrade with Laka's Pokušaj.

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