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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Leading 'love revolution'

05 April 2009 at 14:01 CEST

Regina was chosen internally by the Bosnia and Herzegovina broadcaster BHRT. They were chosen from 79 entries and the song Bistra Voda was introduced on the first of March.

Life's a roller coaster!

The band, which at the very beginning of its existence recorded a splendid success regardless of an unusual situation such as looking for the group singer in daily newspaper advertisements, was destined to come to life again and, after years of inactivity, soar up into the sky of popular music trends. History of the Sarajevo pop-rock group Regina, whose members, as far back as 1990 “decided” to get seriously involved in music life, recorded a very unhappy situation of not having a proper vocalist, at that time!

They had huge success in the beginning of the 1990's but due to different events, they split up for over ten years. Then they recorded a new algum. The success of this album was confirmed in a great concert tour all over Bosnia & Herzegovina. The crown of their career was their performance as a supporting act for the Rolling Stones at their concert in Budva, in July 2007.

Now they're taking up a new challenge and will represent their home country in Moscow. See their entry below.


Regina will be performing as last in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 12th of May. Read more about them here.

Will their anthem pass them to the Final? Let us know!