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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Entry presented tonight

03 March 2008 at 01:40 CET

Bosnia & Herzegovina has recently presented quite a big range of different music styles at the Eurovision Song Contest - from nostalgic ballads in Bosnian language to hip-hop in French, from disco to schlager. This year, the South-Eastern European country has come up with something special yet again. The young singer Elvir Laković - Laka will present a song which was described as being something "new, fresh and funny". The title of the song, which is to be presented to the public for the first time tonight, is Pokusaj (Try).

The selection process 

Like last year, the entry representing Bosnia & Herzegovina in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest was selected internally. The selection was made by an expert jury, consisting of seven members. Singers and songwriters had been asked to submit entries to BHRT. Until the deadline in December 2007, a total of 50 applications had been received, out of which 31 fulfilled the selection criteria set by the rules of the national competition. In the end, Elvir Laković - Laka was considered to be the most promising act to represent his country in Belgrade.

Famous for being different

Laka is still quite new to the music scene of Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first album Zec (Rabbit) was only released in 2007, but he started his music career as early as 1998, when he recorded his first song Malo Sam Se Razočar'o (I'm a little disappointed). The young singer from the city of Goražde became famous for his originality and for daring the unexpected. The style of his songs is rock with funny lyrics. Tonight, his new song Pokusaj, the entry of Bosnia & Herzegovina to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, will be presented to the TV public during the show BH Eurosong. The broadcast will start at 21:00 CET. You can follow the show via satellite on BHT-1.