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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Drums and emotions

04 May 2009 at 17:01 CEST

When Regina brought Bistra Voda to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, the chose to mark their performance of their ballad with drums. Three drummers, two female and one male, followed the marching beat of the song. In the climax of the song, all the six performers moved to the front of the stage. Eventually, one of the drummers displayed a one-coloured red flag in the air from the wind machine. The emotional performance from Regina received enthusiastic applause from the assembly watching the rehearsal in the arena.


Regina released their first album in 1990, but it was only with their second release one year later that they crossed the boarders of Bosnia & Herzegovina, getting lots of success all over ex-Yugoslavia. The new millennium marked the beginning of separate careers for the group members, but these independent careers ended in 2004, when, after meeting in Belgrade, they agreed to restore Regina in its former cast. Their comeback album sold well and was followed by a concert tour in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The crown of their career up to this point was their performance as the supporting act for the Rolling Stones at their concert in Budva, in July 2007.

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At the press conference, they stated that the message of the song was that of a love revolution. They thereby link the song to Russia, but the red is used as the color of love. When asked if their theme was inspired by communism, the band that there are nostalgic aesthetics in the song, but that these are not related to communism but to love. In the end of the press conference, they performed their song Bistra Voda in Russian.

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