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Bojana (Serbia): Everything about Eurovision makes me happy

16 April 2015 at 14:12 CEST How do you prepare for the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna?

Bojana: Our preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest are in the final stage and our tour is in a full swing as well. Our first stop was F.Y.R. Macedonia and soon we will meet the fans in Amsterdam and Brussels. The idea behind this is to make the message of my song closer and understandable. Considering the reactions and response we’ve had till now, it really gives me more confidence for the great performance in Austria in May. In order to achieve our goal, we have adapted the lyrics and recorded many versions of the song. Besides in Serbian and English, Ceo Svet Je Moj now has a Spanish, French and German version too. Furthermore, I’m rehearsing all the time, including the choreography we are going to have on the Eurovision stage and I really hope you will like it.


It seems like there are numerous promotional activities and no time for anything else. But still you decided to blog for your fans. Why?

Blogging about what is going on is just an another idea which should help us to be more available for the Eurovision fans. I would really like them to know me better, to see who I really am. Not only what is going on behind the scene, but also during regular days. It fits well together with a message of the song. We are all quite ordinary people, but still special and different. We should be aware of that and say it loud and clear.

For those who know more about your career and your music preferences, it's a bit surprising that an artist like you, who enjoys performing soul and funk songs, is going to be part of the Europe’s Favourite TV Show, where there’s no time and space for any improvisions. What makes you happy and what scares you about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest - as your audience is suddenly going to turn into millions.

Everything about the Eurovision makes me happy. I am happy, since the very first day, when I’ve realised that I’m going to represent Serbia. Honestly, I am not scared, maybe a bit, but mostly because I have a big responsibility. Nevertheless, I know I will give my best in those three minutes and I hope my performance will bring and transfer positive energy, but also the message of my song to millions of people out there.

It’s not a secret that the Eurovision Song Contest can bring some new possibilities for the contestants, especially for an international career. Is that something you are having on your mind?

For now, I don’t think about it. I am being focused on the performance I will have on the 19th of May. I also hope to qualify for the Grand Final. About the rest, we'll see. I enjoy music wherever I am performing, that’s why I’m an artist, that’s why I do what I do. Without having a great love and passion for it, none of this would have been possible.

Molitva vs Beauty Never Lies How did you come up with Molitva and how the song Ceo Svet Je Moj was created?

Vladimir Graić: The winning song in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest was created spontaneously. Together with Saša Milošević Mare, I came up with an idea to ask Marija Šerifović to perform at the Beovizija (Serbian national selection back then) as she is an amazing and unique singer. So, I wrote the music and Mare wrote the lyrics. We won at Beovizija and the rest is history. But this time it's different. I was asked to write three potential Eurovision entries. And there I was having three songs and three great performers. As you know, Bojana Stamenov was among them. She was chosen to represent Serbia at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and I hope that people around the globe will like our song Beuty Never Lies and get its message.

Why in English? Why giving up on tradition performing in mother tongue?

I think the time has come to change that. In 2007, I was among those who were strongly in favour for Molitva to be performed in Serbian. But since then, a lot of things have changed. We want to send a universal message to every single fan out there. You should always be yourself, different, no matter what others think and we want the whole world to understand that.