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Boggie hopes her peace message will be heard

Although Boggie is an experienced performer, the Eurovision Song Contest stage is by far the biggest platform she has ever appeared at. She discussed how her recent experiences of Eurovision audiences in Amsterdam and London compared to each other, and how hard it can be to perform in front of a noisy audience, when she is singing what is a a very gentle, minimalistic song Wars For Nothing.

Boggie herself is wearing a long crimson, short sleeved dress, with the girls wearing elegant dark blue dresses, with light coloured tops, and the men in smart dark suits.

At the start pf the song. Boggie is picked out on stage by a single spotlight, with the background LED screen totally black. As the song progresses the spotlights then fall onto her four backing singers.

The LED background evolves throughout the performance, and makes for an interesting story, as we go from the stars, the planets in our solar system, then the focus is on the third planet from the sun - planet Earth.

The black and white image of Earth then changes into an arsenal of guns, and these in turn form into branches, which turns into a tree, which takes root in some scenic and peaceful green hills. The overall effect is very intriguing to watch. You will get some idea of the effect by watching our video of their first rehearsal.

Gallery: Hungary - First Rehearsal Gallery: Backstage with Boggie

Earlier Boggie arrived at the Wiener Stadthalle in good spirits, and one of the first things she did was to have a drink with a bottle of 'Almdudler', and to have a good luck toast with her close friends, who are also her backing group, in her preparations to relax prior to going on stage for her first rehearsal.


After their rehearsal the Hungarian delegation went off to the Viewing Room to have an overview of their performance.

Following this it was off to the press centre to have a meet and greet session with the assembled journalists and fans.

Gallery: Hungary - Meet and greet with journalists and fans

If you want to hear a short unplugged version of Wars For Nothing, then have have a look at the short video they made.

What do you think of the Hungarian song?