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Boaz Mauda presents his five for Belgrade

21 February 2008 at 23:29 CET

Next week, on Monday, the five songs will be performed again in a special show on Israel's Channel 2, while the results will be announced the day after. 

Taking part in the song competition;

  • Ke'ilo Kan (As If Here) (written by Dana International and Shai Kerem)
  • Masa Haiyai (The Journey Of My Life) (written by Itay Pearl) 
  • Hin'e Ha'or (There's The Light) in duet with Maya Avraham (written by Ovadia Hamama) 
  • Bli ahava (Without Love) (written by Henree) 
  • Parparim (Butterflies) in duet with Oshrat Phaphir

The program starts at 21:45 CET tonight. The song presentation can be watched through the webstream of the event, brought to you by IBA.