Blue (United Kingdom) 1st press conference (Big Five)

“It was a great honour to be asked by the BBC to represent the UK. When we got this opportunity, we grasped it with both hands and we're really pleased to be here,” said band member Simon Webbe at their first press conference following their rehearsal. The song itself is about a personal triumph which is a fitting theme for the band in the competition.

The band also alluded to the fact that many people in Britain pretend not to care about the Eurovision Song Contest because of the UK's disappointing showing in the last several years. But they themselves are having none of it: “We want everyone to know that we're really proud to be here. We hope to represent our country well and go out there next Saturday. This is one of the best things we've done as a band,” said band member Duncan James.

Asked about the band's development after forming in 2001, achieving 40 No. 1 singles and selling 13 million albums, splitting up in 2005, and reuniting in 2009, Simon responded: “We've all matured. We've all done solo projects. I did theater, which really helped my voice. Lee had his own solo albums - and a film - so we've matured. The chemistry is very good and we're very proud to be representing our country.”

When asked if they would defend their title like Lena if they won, Simon responded: “If we had an opportunity, we'd probably do it again.”

The band were also full of praise for their fellow contestants. Said Lee Ryan:”Austria's Nadine Beiler - big talent, big voice, and beautiful. She's my favourite for the competition.” Kati Wolf of Hungary and Amaury Vassili of France also received praise from the group.

The band also revealed that they have just signed a new massive deal for Germany with Universal and will be touring several German cities.

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