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Blue show Düsseldorf that they can for the UK

08 May 2011 at 19:05 CEST

Backstage - Cool vibes for Blue

Blue arrived for the second rehearsal in Düsseldorf Arena on Sunday. Despite being a successful pop act, the guys in the band do not feel that they receive special treatment backstage.

"We don't expect any special treatment. Everyone's been really cool with a chill kind of vibe," they tell

*But aren't the fans giving you any special treatment?*

"Always! That's why we love this job!"

Evaluating their first rehearsal, the boys are happy. But they also reveal that they didn't go 100%.
"It went good. We went for like 70%, and we still have some 130% to go. We will be 200% on the night!" they tell.

In their stage performance, they are showing off some dance moves. This is special for them.

"We're not Backstreet Boys or N'Sync, those boybands who can lock and pop and all that, but we like to have a little bit of movement. We're just like most guys, moving along to the music."

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Rehearsal - A little more relaxed

The United Kingdom's second rehearsal started with the LED screens being set up and the backing singers taking their positions on the stage. 

Lee, Duncan, Simon and Antony were running through their dance moves with their choreographer on stage ahead of taking their positions to perform. 

This time round the group were not wearing the blue costumes that they had on in their first rehearsal. Instead they are more relaxed with more casual clothing. They also seemed more relaxed compared to the first rehearsal, which can often be a nerve racking and new experience for any artist. 

The guys appear to be quite pragmatic with their dancing as the choreographer appears on stage between each run through to propose changes and offer suggestions. 

Sound and vocals were also improved in comparison to yesterday where there were some issues at first during the sound check. 

The four LED screens that contain images of all the boys and the text "I CAN" were in perfect working order today compared to yesterday, when one was a little bit faulty. 

There will be no press conference for the United Kingdom today, which instead will take place on the 13th of May in the press centre.

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Here is the video from the second UK rehearsal: