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Blue presents UK entry

10 March 2011 at 16:42 CET

The final mix was only put together last night, having been shipped back and forth between recording sessions in London and Norway, working with producers from Stargate Norway and will be performed live on The Graham Norton Show which is being recorded tonight. The show will be broadcast on BBC1 on Friday, the 11th of March.

A number of key points came out from the questions at the press conference. The group are busy filming a documentary which looks at what makes a good Eurovision entry, and they received advice from established artists like Cliff Richard, Lulu and Robin Gibb.

"We feel privileged to be asked," said Duncan James. "We took a long time to decide, but we are really pleased to be representing the United Kingdom, and 110% excited about it. It's a really good opportunity, and we want everyone to get behind us."

The group will be backed with two additional backing vocalists on stage, "We've never danced around too much," said Lee. "We've always concentrated on giving a great vocal."

A promo video has been shot ready to be handed in next week, but they will also be shooting a video for the single in the next few weeks. The group will be going to Germany, France ,Italy and Bosnia & Herzegovina as part of their promotional tour in the coming weeks.

Below is a 20 second clip of the song to wet your appetite ahead of tomorrow's performance:

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"We can win!"

Band member Antony Costa seemed keen to show off his knowledge of the contest, and admitted to having heard the Greek and Norwegian entries already, both of which he was impressed with.

Duncan James had heard the French entry last night and considered it to be "really good, and has an amazing operatic voice."

Lee thought their entry was "powerful, strong and anthem, and considered the lyrics poignant for them as a group, "we're not the first ones to be divided, won't be the last to be reunited". It was perfect for the Eurovision Song Contest, and our recent history in the contest, how we have not done so well, but now it is getting back up."

Blue believe they can win the competition. "Top five would be amazing actually," said Lee. "And we are not going to get nil points!"

Their first single was released in 2001, and now ten years later in 2011 their latest single I Can will be released which will bring events full circle.

Win or lose the group will release a new album, and regard this "as a new beginning, and we are really excited about going forward. It feels great to be together again, and it's such fun."

"It would be great to bring back the Eurovision Song Contest to Britain in 2012," says Antony. "In time for the Olympics. It would be amazing."