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Blue most popular 2011 Eurovision participant on Facebook

Photo by: Pieter Van den Berghe (EBU)
Posted 21 July 2011 at 20:24

We gathered the data from the most popular Pages of the Eurovision Song Contest past participants from Facebook and checked out who has the most fans, like we did last year. And now, the time has come to reveal the winner....

The winner is...

Once again, Celine Dion rules the Eurovision Facebook Chart with more than 4,7 million fans on the social media website Facebook. She has more than tripled her following, from last year's 1,1 million. Congratulations!
But she's not the fastest growing Eurovision Song Contest star in popularity on Facebook - Arash, who represented Azerbaijan in 2009 together with Aysel and also co-wrote the Swedish Junior Eurovision Song Contest entry in 2010 - has more than 6 times the fans compared to a year ago. And thus, he's also risen from his 18th place to a staggering 6th!
In the top 5, the biggest change is the UK representative from this year's contest, Blue, entering the chart at number four. This also means Blue is the most successful act from this year's Europe's favourite TV-show.

Competition gets tough

It was much harder to get to the top 25 this year, though. If last year, the 25th placed artist had a bit over 25,000 fans then this year one had to have more than three times more fans - at least 111,559, to be precise!
By the way, this year, the top 25 former contestants of Europe's favourite TV-show have more than 13,7 million fans combined! That's more than three times up from last year's 4,5 million fans!
Thanks to our wonderful readers, there have been some changes to the chart, check it out below!
The newcomers to the chart also meant that some of the previous participants fell out of the top 25 - this year we can't see Vukasin Brajic, Milan Stankovic, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elena Paparizou nor Eva Rivas in it. Maybe they'll be back next year?

What about the 2011 participants?

What about this year's participants in general? Well, five of them already entered the all-time-participants chart, mentioned before. However, one of them just missed out from the chart of this year.
Namely, the Irish participant this year, Jedward with almost 98,000 fans and the Albanian participant Aurela Gaçe sporting almost 67,000 fans. A good start!
Check out the top 5 of this year's contestants below!
Check out all the Facebook Pages of the former contestants - maybe your favourite artist can be much higher in the next chart?
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Photo by: Pieter Van den Berghe (EBU)