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Blue Chiara ready for the action

08 May 2009 at 14:34 CEST

In the Maltese rehearsal, Chiara on Friday wore a yellow and blue outfit on stage in Moscow. Her actual stage dress will be revealed in the first dress rehearsal, she tells For the background screens, she now has mainly opted for a mixture of darker and lighter shades of blue. The Eurovision Song Contest veteran, now making her third attempt, this day appeared more focused on stage than in her first rehearsal, as the big night draws closer. In her press conference, Chiara commented further on the backgrounds.

"I am very satisfied with this background," she stated, together with her team. "We are thankful to Channel One that they worked late into the night for us to fix the graphics, they are amazing now, exactly what we wanted. If I would win it would be my happiest day of my life, and I would fulfil my father's dream. Malta would have a party for one year!"

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