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Blog update: Who almost drowned?

19 April 2010 at 15:38 CEST

The most shocking news from the MyEurovision blogs comes from Azerbaijan. Namely, Safura had her video shoot last weekend but a nearly tragic event occurred. She almost drowned when they were shooting one of the scenes in the pool. Fortunately, she's fine now but it was a close call, read everything about it (and more!) in Safura's MyEurovision blog.

Sing the Maltese song in your language!

"I have arrived in Slovakia and tomorrow I start off with my first promotional tour. But I will keep my promise to all Eurovision Song Contest fans to post on this blog the lyrics of my song My Dream in various languages." the Maltese participant, Thea Garret, writes on See if you can already find a version of her song in your language on Thea's MyEurovision profile

More blogs are still to come to Stay tuned and in the meantime, register yourself a profile (if you haven't done so), ask your friends to join and find people who love Europe's favourite TV-show as much as you do!