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Blind and blue for Lithuania

20 May 2012 at 13:46 CEST
Donny Montell from Lithuania entered the stage blindfolded in 2012 EBU

Before Donny’s second rehearsal, the singer talked to He told us how he prepares for the singing on stage: “I do some breathing exercises.” We asked the artist if he can see the audience through the blindfold. He smiled: “I’d rather say no.”

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Donny entered the stage in the black suit and white shirt. His performance is a mix of ballad and up-tempo. During the slow part of the song, the singer’s eyes were covered by the black blindfold decorated with some crystal stones. In the beginning of the up-tempo part, Donny took the blindfold off and made a somersault.

The main colour on the stage was blue, with the dancing female silhouettes on the LEDs. Donny sang alone on stage and delivered a very powerful performance.  

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In the press conference, Donny Montell sang the multilingual version of Love Is Blind.

The artist shared his experience about his victory in the show Dancing With The Star. The press conference host asked Donny who was the star in that show and Donny replied: "I was the star!"

One journalist asked Donny about his favourite song. "My favourite sond is Love Is Blind. I also like the song Love of the Lithuanian representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Sasha Song."

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The singer was asked about the meaning of the crystals on his blindfold. "Eyes are very important in the performance. If they are covered, something has to sparkle. Crystals are the mirror of my thoughts."