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Blas Cantó to represent Spain in Eurovision 2020!

05 October 2019 at 17:03 CEST
Blas Cantó RTVE
Just two weeks after confirming that the Spanish artist for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest would be chosen through an internal selection, public broadcaster RTVE announces Blas Cantó as their representative for Rotterdam.

After Belgium being the first country to announce their 2020 act earlier this week, Spain followed with a surprise announcement during the main news broadcast.

Who is Blas Cantó?

Blas Cantó (27) is a young popular Spanish artist, who already participated in the 2011 national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the successful band Auryn. They just missed out on winning the ticket to Düsseldorf, finishing second with the song Volver. Blas became a household name in Spain after his participation in EuroJunior, the Spanish selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.

"It's a longtime dream of mine," Blas confessed during a short interview following the announcement: "I dreamt of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since I was a child." Blas Cantó is a singer with a broad performing record and extensive experience both on television as well as on stage.

To date, Blas has released five albums. His first four albums were released with the boyband Auryn, which became the Best Spanish Act in the MTV Europe Music Awards. His first solo album Complicado, which included the big hit Él No Soy Yo, was released in 2018.

Public broadcaster RTVE is already working with the singer, producers and songwriters to find the perfect song that completes the Spanish 2020 entry.

Blas Cantó will represent Spain in 2020 RTVE

Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest

Spain debuted during the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest and has returned to every Contest since then, becoming the country to successively participate most often since their debut.

Spain won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1968 with Massiel's La, La, La and again the following year in Madrid, thanks to Salomé's Vivo Cantando. Spain was the first country to win twice in a row.

Earlier this year Spain was represented by Miki, who sang his party song La Venda at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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