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Black colour for Sinplus

17 May 2012 at 15:38 CEST talked to Swiss participants before their second rehearsal. "Today we want to fix our show because next Monday and Tuesday are so close." We talked to both of the brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini whilst they were doing their hairstyle. “We had some interviews this morning and now we are ready to go on the stage and this is amazing."

Sinplus invited everybody to their unbreakable party in the Euroclub tomorrow. The artists told us about their new album Disinformation that is going to be released all over Europe.

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The Swiss representatives Sinplus entered the stage in the Baku Crystal Hall for the second time. The whole entry was full of energy. The lead singer, Gabriel, delivered a great energetic performance walking on stage and falling down on his knees. He also was very good vocally.

As in the first rehearsal, the two brothers were dressed in leather jackets, one black and one green. Ivan, Gabriel and their male drummer were all wearing Unbreakable T-shirts. The female electric guitarist was in the black dress. The black colour fit Sinplus’ performance and made their beat sound more rocky.

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In the beginning of the press conference, Sinplus performed a song from their new album Disinformation.

The brothers commented on their decision to go to the Eurovision Song Contest: "We even didn’t know much about the Eurovision. It’s nice experience to be here. All participants are amazing. We want to enjoy the whole time we are here."

The brothers were asked if they met a lot of friends in the Euroclub where they spent last evenings. They said they found a lot of friends there.

One journalist asked the brothers about the anthem that they wrote for the Ice Hockey Championships and if they would like to write more music for sport events. "We are big sport fans", Gabriel said. "If there is another chance to write music for the sport events, then why not."

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