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Black and white for F.Y.R. Macedonia

03 May 2014 at 19:03 CEST met the delegation from F.Y.R. Macedonia backstage. Aleksandra Jovanovska, the Head of Press, told us that their first rehearsal was a technical one and now, after considering and rethinking all the important details, Tijana and her team are ready for their second rehearsal.

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Aleksandra Jovanovska told us about a big role of Boris Miljković, their creative director, who is very popular through the Balkans as the Serbian TV and radio director, creative director and writer. The F.Y.R. Macedonia delegation and their artists are very thankful for his advice and help.

Tijana is ready for her show in the second Semi-Final. Today, her performance sounded great. Her outfit suits her very much: it’s a trouser suit in black and white, modest and elegant. Her dancer wore athletic white clothes whilst her backing vocalists were in black.

"With those glasses you can see beauty!"

In the press conference, Tijana represented all her team. "My sister is my half. My other half is my dancer. On stage, he does what I don’t want to do and I do what he doesn’t want to. And we are having this interaction. And we love and hate with each other in the same time."

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Tijana has also introduced their stage director: "He is the best in Serbia. He is responsible for everything. We have been working together for 14 years, and it very important." Boris Miljkovic told the press that they approved in the second rehearsal. He is also happy to be part of this big music event. Using the opportunity, he invited all Tijana’s fans to Euroclub where the singer is going to perform tonight.

One question was about the message of Tijana’s song: "With our entry we want to show to our fans that we are coming from the beautiful country with amazing people and great energy," the singer said.

Tijana was asked about her white glasses: "I am not Elton John, I am Tijana," she laughed, "It is my trade mark. I am wearing glasses all my life. With those glasses you can see beauty," Tijana explained the magic of her glasses.

Another question from fans was: what do all your fans mean to you? "I am nothing without!" Tijana said.

Tamara, the Tijana’s younger sister was asked how it feels to perform on stage with family?  "It is actually first time we perform together. It’s easy. We are both relaxed." In the end, Tamara was asked to sing her song Let Me Love You.