Black and silver for Albania's Juliana Pasha

Juliana Pasha entered the gigantic Oslo stage today in her clothes that she has chosen for the first Semi-Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. She will be wearing black trousers with a futurist-looking black top decorated with lots of silver applications. The three backing vocalists are also in black dresses with small silver elements on their shoulders. Juliana's violinist is clad in a suit which is held in dark grey.

The silver balls at the back part of the stage are still in use as is the purple and white lighting. The whole impression is very dynamic with the Albanian singer consequently finding all the right camera angles. Vocally, Juliana Pasha came across as very strong with several shining performances of It's All About You.

Albania managed to qualify for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the two last years - there is no reason to believe why it shouldn't be third time lucky for the sympathethic Juliana Pasha!


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"I won't reveal my hairstyle yet"

In her press conference today, Juliana Pasha revealed that it was a good one for her and that the team did everything they had planned to do. The backing singers added that they were also very happy about the conditions they had on stage today. The changes from the first rehearsal mostly concerned the camera angles.

Juliana disclosed that her dress was made by one of the most well known Albanian designers. They were planning to have casual dresses with some folk elements in them. The Albanian singer didn't want to give any information though as to what she'd do with her hair for the first Semi-Final, it would come as a surprise for the audience.

The Albanian singer celebrated her birthday yesterday and was a bit concerned about the lack of sleep she got last night with only four hours of sleep. However, she wasn't concerned on losing her voice for the big evening.

The sympathetic singer said that she had promoted her song in F.Y.R. Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Netherlands and enjoyed doing that very much. Asked about her favourite singers, Juliana named Whitney Houston and Celine Dion and her preferred musical styles would be jazz, blues and rock.

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