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Björk’s favourite singer Alim Qasimov to perform with Sabina

15 May 2012 at 11:56 CEST

As one of the foremost mugam singers in Azerbaijan, Alim's unique voice has won him a host of fans from around the world including Icelandic singing sensation Bjork.  She describes Alim as being her 'favourite singer alive today!"

The inclusion of Alim Qasimov will allow Sabina to introduce exciting elements of traditional Azerbaijani music - legendary vocal art of mugam when she performs When the Music Dies on the Eurovision stage. Alim Qasimov will sing a special part in Sabina’s entry song and will introduce Eurovision audience to exciting elements of this traditional Azerbaijani vocal art.

‘Our idea was to introduce the Eurovision audience, especially the youth, to our legendary Azerbaijani mugam, which hopefully will celebrate global glory soon,’ commented Alim.

Mugam is an ancient folk vocal art, unique musical interpretation and a part of world’s cultural funds, recognised and guarded by UNESCO and Alim is one of its finest exponents. Over the past decade he has established himself as the biggest international Azerbaijani singing star.

According to The New York Times, ‘Alim Qasimov is simply one of the greatest singers alive, with a searing spontaneity that conjures passion and devotion, contemplation and incantation.’

Speaking about Alim, Sabina said 'It’s such an honor for me to perform with one of the greatest living Azerbaijani singers. I am so happy to share the Eurovision stage with Alim. I'm sure together we can produce something really amazing. It will be a wonderful opportunity to show the entire world our very special musical culture. I hope it will be a truly great moment for Azerbaijan.'

Alim also warmly recalls his acquaintance with Sabina: ‘When I’ve first seen Sabina’s performance, I was indeed amazed by her voice, artistic skills and talent. I am very happy that such a young and gifted lady is representing Azerbaijan and I hope she gives a really good performance’.

Specially for Eurovision 2012 Week Sabina also prepared one more surprise - she has newly recorded a special ethnic version of When the Music Dies with a unique sound of ethnic Azerbaijani instruments, which has been produced by Azerbaijani sound producer Yashar Bakhish in close collaboration with Alim Qasimov.