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Birthday celebrations and reactions at After Show Party

30 May 2011 at 18:28 CEST

The Rheinterasse building was split in to several rooms where artists and delegates could find a vast array of food and drinks available to them. 

Artists arrived over a number of hours as they made their way from the Düsseldorf Arena and their hotels, and the party stretched all the way through until the last delegates left around 6am.

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Reactions and birthdays

Slovakia's TWiiNS and Malta's Glen Vella both narrowly missed out on a place in the Final, but they still had reason to celebrate as Final day was also their birthday. 

Another semi finalist who did not qualify was Poland's Magdalena Tul, she shared her thoughts at learning of her 19th place in the First Semi-Final

Lys wants to return for Switzerland spoke also to Lys Assia, the first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, who remarked that Switzerland should consider sending her to the contest again in 2012.

Hear also from the United Kingdom team, as Duncan James from Blue and commentator Graham Norton give their reactions to the results in our video below.

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