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Birgit: "It is really a new beginning for me" We‘re right in between the dress rehearsal and the First Semi-Final. Yesterday evening, the jury has already voted on your performance. How do you feel now?

Birgit: I feel great actually because yesterday the performance went really well, and today too. I’m excited, and I hope I can do the same performance tonight, and then everything will be great. When you say "and then everything will be great", what do you mean by that? What are your expectations?

Birgit: Of course my expectation right now is to go to the Final. But for me it’s important to sing that song as good as I can. I hope I can sing it for all the TV viewers at home because that song means a lot to me and the meaning of the lyrics is really important for me. I’m hoping it can touch the hearts of the people and they find it as beautiful as I do.

This content is unfortunately no longer available Can you tell us a bit more about the song lyrics? Do they relate to you personally?

Birgit: Yes, of course. The song talks about new beginnings, and this year it is really a new beginning for me because I’m expecting a child and Eurovision is a really big thing too for all Estonians and for me. And when the song lyricist wrote these words he just found out that he will also become a dad. So there are many personal influences, and it’s a very positive message. Even though there is such a strong message in your song, you decided to keep it in Estonian language. Do you think the TV viewers across Europe will still get the message?

Birgit: Actually in Estonia we have subtitles for every song - I hope other countries also have them so that they can understand the lyrics. But Estonian is a very beautiful language and only one million people all over the world can speak it – which makes it very special. Apart from that, many people seem to like the sound of that language. Just for the experience, I also recorded the song in Spanish, Russian, English and Swedish, so at least four more countries will be able to understand my song. The arrangement of your song has also been changed quite a bit - now the ending sounds very "typically Eurovision".

Birgit: Actually Et Uus Saaks Alguse was not especially written for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was just my new song in Estonia, and then we thought: yes, why not compete with it at Eesti Laul, our national selection. In the end, it was really a surprise when we won that. So, we thought we might add some touch that it would fit the Eurovision Song Contest - we played the violin parts and the piano parts, and we added the "big note" thing in the end of the song, so it sounds more powerful. Now it’s more like a Eurovision song, but it’s still also a normal radio song. You already said that big changes are awaiting you in your life. What does this mean for your future career?

Birgit: The baby is due on 3rd of October, so I think then I’ll have a few months‘ break. But we are already planning to record my new album, I still have four months to record it. I hope that already in December we can do some concerts, maybe Christmas concerts. So my career won’t stop at all! thanks Birgit for this interview, and we wish her the best of luck in the First Semi-Final tonight!