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Birgit brings a new beginning for Estonia

06 May 2013 at 13:33 CEST
Birgit qualified for the final in Malmö in 2013 EBU

Birgit, who is facing her own new beginning this year, as she is pregnant with her first child, revealed that her family are just as equally excited about her appearance in the contest.

Her long flowing white dress needed some last minute adjustments as she made the long walk from the dressing room to the stage, causing some amusement as her dresser had to bury his head underneath the various layers to make sure there were no problems on stage.

Birgit starts her performance alone on the catwalk stage in the centre of the arena, then walks back to the main stage where she joins her  three male backing vocalists. On the first run through she had the slightest of trips on the dress, but carrried on to give a faultless vocal performance.

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The back projector images display blue and white patterns initially, before transforming to green later in the song.

In the final run through during rehearsals, any special effects are added, and in the case of  the Estonian entry there is some dry ice, to add the appearance of fog at the floor level. 

It can be hard to be the first performer on stage in the Eurovision Song Contest, but performing second can be just as daunting, as by now the audience will start to compare and contrast to the previous song.

With the performance order being decided by the producers this year, they have attempted to make each song stand out, and Birgit has ensured that Et Uus Saaks Alguse certainly achieves this. 

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