Bilingual romance for Romania

Romania is being represented in the First Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest by a mixed duo, Nico and Vlad. Nico is the female part of the duo, performing her verses in Italian language, while Vlad performs his operatic parts in Romanian. Their first rehearsal went very well today, and both were vocally brilliant and very professional. In the beginning of the performance, Vlad was on stage alone, with Nico only joining him for the second verse. They stood at distant parts of the stage first and then moved closer towards each other. In the end, they reached out their hands for each other and then hugged - will we even get to see a kiss from them on the Semi-Final night?

Nico & Vlad had won a strong Romanian national final with two semi-finals earlier this year. Nico, whose real name is Nicoleta Matei, had already participated in several Romanian national finals before, with her best result being a second place in 2006. For this year, she teamed up with an experienced singer who even has a classical vocal education: Vlad Mirita is even a soloist of the Romanian National Opera in Bucharest! This year marks already the third time that Romania is presenting a song which is partly in Italian language at the Eurovision Song Contest, after Mihai Traistariu and his song TornerĂ² in 2006 and Todomondo with Liubi, Liubi, I Love You in 2007.



In the press conference, the Romanian delegation was asked why they decided to combine the Italian and Romanian languages in one song. They answered that, being latin languages, they harmonize very well. Furthermore, they explained how difficult it was to film the official video clip for the song because they had to wait for the right light for a whole day, and then, when the setting sun appeared between the clouds, they only had four minutes to record the key part of the video clip!

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