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Biggest Eurovision Facebook stars revealed

Posted 19 July 2010 at 16:14

There have been many artists who have taken the responsibility to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Many stars have risen from the contest and have got some more wind in their wings.
All of this can also be seen on Facebook, where fans all over the world support their favourite Eurovision Song Contest artists. Who do you think has the most fans? Who is the Facebook ruler of the Eurovision Song Contest participants?

And the winners are...

It's the 1988 contest winner, Celine Dion with over 1,1 million fans! She's followed by the Turkish representative in the 2010 edition, maNga with nearly 800,000 fans. The third place is reserved by the legendary 1974 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, ABBA, with almost 400,000 fans in their biggest community.
They're closely followed by this year's winner, Lena, by the way! Will Lena rise even higher as she will represent Germany again next year on home soil? As she's been the fastest rising star in the chart, it's highly possible.
Below you can find the full Facebook top 25 artists who have participated in Europe's favourite TV-show. By the way, you can also click on their names, to check out their page on Facebook and join the groups. And don't forget to watch their entries on our official YouTube channel, links given below! And of course, if you already haven't, do join also the official Eurovision Song Contest page on Facebook!

Top 25

This concludes the un-official chart of the most popular Eurovision Song Contest contestants of all times, on Facebook. Congratulations to all the finalists and good luck for the ones who just missed out, to reach the top 25!
We do remind you that the amount of fans on Facebook for these communities is approximate and can change every second. So changes in the top 25 might occur, especially, if you help them to increase their fan base by joining the communities. The list is based on the stars' biggest community on Facebook, if they do not have an official community, not on a combined result.
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