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Big stars in German national final

13 January 2008 at 13:15 CET

The German national final will be taking place at the Deutsche Schauspielhaus in Hamburg.

Many stars taking part

The biggest name in the German final is doubtlessly the group No Angels. After winning the first ever Popstars competion in 2000, they went on to have more than a dozen songs that went into the German top 10 and several of the albums went to the No.1 spot as well. For the German final, they have chosen the song Disappear

Marquess would like to charm the German audience with their Latino song Histeria which will be fully sung in Spanish. The group has had a big hit in 2007 with Vayamos Companeros which even managed to enter the charts in Finland and Sweden. Lead singer Sascha Pierro has already some Eurovision Song Contest experience as he took part in the German final 2003 with the song Wenn Grenzen Fallen.

Heartthrob Tommy Reeve hopes to get lots of votes especially from his female fans performing the ballad Just One Woman. Tommy has started his musical career only some months ago when his debut album was released which proved to be an immediate success. 

Pop-rock band Cinema Bizarre is also a relatively new name for the Germans. They released their debut album Final Attraction in October which went directly into the German top 10. Popular among the younger audience, they hope to get the opportunity to represent Germany in Belgrade with their song Forever Or Never.

Carolin Fortenbacher was the surprise artist for the German final. The singer is pretty unknown for the record-buying audience, but Carolin has had a successful career as a musical singer with mail roles in Mamma Mia or Evita. In Hamburg she will perform the pop ballad Hinterm Ozean.

Winner decided by televote 

The German final will take place on 6th March in the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, just like in 2005 and 2006.  The host of the show will be Thomas Hermanns again and the winner will decided by televote and sms-vote.

Photo courtesy of NDR