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The Big Five and Ukraine meet the press

12 May 2017 at 20:36 CEST
Big 5 + Ukraine Press Conference 2017 Thomas Hanses
Delegations from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom held a joint press conference today alongside Host Country Ukraine.

The press conference started with the artists from the six countries being asked how they would have felt if they had to compete in the Semi-Finals.

"I think I'd be much more stressed, hopefully I would make it to the Grand Final," said Alma from France. Levina from Germany said that she felt lucky to be in the Grand Final. "If I had to be in the Semi-Finals I would have been less joyful than I have been over the last few days. I'm honoured that we have this kind of privilege," added Franceso Gabbani from Italy. 

Spain's Manel Navarro agreed with his fellow artists: "We’re so lucky to be in the Grand Final, and while I was enjoying the show of the First Semi-final I was feeling lucky that I didn’t have to go through the nerves my friends were going through."

Zhenia Halych, lead artist of the Ukrainian band O.Torvald thanked Jamala for bringing the competition back to Ukraine. "Thanks to her I feel less stressed and nervous as I’m already in the Grand Final."

Lucie Jones from the United Kingdom replied with her typical honesty, "I'd have freaked out," she said laughing. She added that it was difficult seeing people who she has made friends with fail to reach the final. "We’ve made friendships with all this people that took part in the Semi-Finals and it feels sad when you see some leaving the competition."

Questions from the floor

Alma from France is happy to perform last in the running order. "It feels like a nice tribute to Marie Myriam, who won for France in 1977, singing from the last position. I hope I’m as lucky as them." Francesco Gabbani explained that the message of his song was a call for people to re-think the way they live their lives. 

All the artists said that they were looking forward to the Grand Final. "It’s quite a relief to finally be here and to share this stage with these guys, it’s pretty special," said Lucie Jones from the UK. Zhenia from Ukraine added: "I’m very proud that Ukraine has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest at such a high level."

Spain's Manel said that leaving for home will be bittersweet in some ways as he will miss the other artists. "It’s sad because you know it’s coming to an end, but I hope to see them all again after the contest." Germany's Levina echoed Manel's comments. "It’s going to feel a bit weird when it’s all finished tomorrow. I hope that these friendships will last longer than this Eurovision experience."