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Big 5, Austria and Australia have their press conferences

22 May 2015 at 19:33 CEST
IL VOLO represent Italy IL VOLO represent Italy
After the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final, the representatives of the so-called "Big 5" countries Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy as well as host country Austria and "special guest" Australia gathered at the press centre for another press conference. 


The Makemakes were the first act to have their press conference today. First Dominic Muhrer said about the message of their song: "It's about friendship and solidarity and during the rehearsal today it worked out really fine. The audience was singing along, it was peaceful - a very special moment."

How many hats does Dominic have? "Only two actually. Today I cleaned it a little bit. I hope I don't need a new suit though - it's made of polyester and I am not sure if it will survive the fire on the stage." Refering to the Swedish entry, he added: "It's magic, but we have hot magic."

Is Vienna a new experience for them? "No, we are from Salzburg but actually we've lived here in Vienna for three years."


How do you feel now the rehearsals are over? "It was the first time we performed in front of a Eurovision audience and it was great, and since today we are really nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach, no not butterflies, big birds!" Ignazio said.

"Il Volo means The Flight, it's a short name and it's easy to say in any language, everywhere we go!" Piero explained.

"We met in an Italian TV show as separate acts and the producer of the show decided to put the three voices together and then right after the show we signed a contract with Interscope in the US and then Sony based in LA, and we've done many things since then and Eurovision is a great opportunity to show great feelings throughout music. We love this because we're having fun" told Ignazio.

In your postcard you are playing wheelchair basketball with the Austrian team, was it play pretend? "When we met these guys that play basketball on their wheelchairs we were overwhelmed by their happiness, and I thought we are all the same, it's actually a good way to convey the message of this year's motto Building Bridges. I wish we could have them on stage to be able to show the happiness. The happiness that comes from inside", Piero replied.


"I'm really happy, I'm so excited... I feel good with this rehearsal today, so I'm ready for the Eurovision Song Contest!" Edurne stated upon arrival at the press conference.

"We are all here to rehearse, also the director. We are confident that tomorrow's show will be a great show", José Ramón Díez, General Director of TVE, and former TV director himself, replied to a journalist doubts about the show's directing.

"It's normal that in the first rehearsal you feel a bit strange, everything is new but now I feel so comfortable on the stage, so strong and enjoying my three minutes with everyone involved in this. I feel at home!" Edurne said about being on stage.

"I'd have loved to bring the tiger to Vienna, but many people would be scared" Edurne joked about his animal friend on her preview video.

"I've learned a lot through many TV appearances: I did Operación Triunfo, Dancing With The Stars, Your Face Sounds Familiar... but the difference here is that this is for the whole of Europe and I want to feel that strength from the audience during my performance", the Spanish artist explained.


Ann Sophie entered the press conference stage together with a guitar player, performing a short acoustic version of her 2015 Eurovision Song Contest entry Black Smoke.

"I am still sick but I am feeling better - you don't have to worry. This will be a great night", she said about her performances on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

About the theme Building Bridges, Ann Sophie stated: "I think it depends on how you use the slogan for yourself but if you don't see the Eurovision Song Contest as a competition, rather as a friendly event, if you distance yourself a little bit from the question of who will win you can enjoy this show on a totally different level."

"I believe that we all need each other. We are not meant to be alone. We live off of each other. That's what music does, and eventually it all connects", she added.

One journalist remarked that in the national selection Ann Sophie delivered a very spontaneous performance while now it's slick and well choreographed. She explained: "Hanover was the first time I sang Black Smoke and we just all got to know each other. Now that I have sung the song so many times I got to know what to do, we tried what's the best way to dance, and now we've made it all 'round'."

Andreas Kümmert wishes Ann Sophie luck

Ann Sophie was chosen to represent Germany in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in the show Unser Song für Österreich. In its super-final Andreas Kümmert won the vote but declined to represent Germany in Vienna. Hence Ann Sophie - who came in second - gained the right. Now Andreas Kümmert for the first time issued a statement:

Hey Ann-Sophie,
Good luck with your upcoming performance on Saturday. Given your potential, I believe that you will collect many points from Europe. Go, go, go!
All the best, yours truly Andreas

United Kingdom

"You're being successful in the endeavour of bringing happiness with your song", the moderator of the press conferences complimented to Electro Velvet at the beginning of their press conference.

"We weren't actually put together for the occasion, because I had already sought Bianca around but after the competition we're just gonna let Electro Velvet lead us then", Alex said.

"I am really into vintage fashion and watch many tutorials and stuff about that particular style", Bianca confessed.

"When we heard Still In Love With You among all the other songs that we listened we thought of the many opportunities of how to stage it and work with it, it stood out from the others", Guy Freeman, Head of Delegation from the BBC commented.

"The LED thing in our dresses is out of our control, so we're gonna focus on the performance itself and just let the magic of the technology happen"


The first question was to Nathalie André, representative of France 2, about the fact that France has been drawn to the first half of the Grand Final, and now Lisa Angell is singing second. She commented: "All positions in the running order are good. Last year Conchita was in the first half too, and she won. Even myself, when I do a TV show, I put the strongest artists in the first part of the show. And that's how we take it."

What are Lisa's plans after the Final, and after the release of her album? "Right now I am not thinking about my next single. I have some ideas but, for now, I am only thinking of tomorrow as this is now the most important for my career. But I can tell you that on 28th of September my next concert will take place at the Theatre Saint-Martin in Paris", Lisa replied.

Lisa added that Élodie, her daughter, will be watching her performance tomorrow. "I called her this morning, and she asked me to give her a sign during the performance, a kiss."


"Ï think I just want to do my performance now, it's been such a big build up, so I can perform and give a sight of relief, but at the same time I'm excited, after watching the Semi-Finals now, they were fantastic, oh I don't want this to end!", the Australian performer Guy Sebastian said about his feelings the day before the Grand Final.

Did he have time to enjoy Vienna? "We've got two days after the Final to enjoy Austria, so with my wife and sons and friends we're gonna drive to Salzburg and cross the border along Bavaria. It's going to be nice to see the Alps and the snow!" the Australian singer said.

About being one of the favourites: "I enjoyed so many of the songs, I would put my money on Sweden myself, but there are many other great ones, Latvia was amazing last night, Loïc from Belgium, and I could go on and on... I'm a little bit competitive so I wouldn't like to come last and face the morning press in Australia", Guy confessed.

About being this year's new participants: "Australia, we're a guest here, I think that as a country we're blown away about this warm welcome, from the host nation and also from the other contestants, we're so grateful for it!"

I think that when it came to the performance for me the song dictated everything, it's what the song is speaking and to me it is a colourful song. Tonight Again is about embracing the moment and being happy it's like Singing in the Rain but in a colour landscape.

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