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Beyoncé’s choreographer joins Safura for Oslo

13 April 2010 at 13:52 CEST

Knight is arguably the industry’s most successful commercial choreographer, almost worshiped for his astonishing work with Beyoncé (Single Ladies, I Am tour), Britney Spears (Circus tour) and other celebrities. As one of his projects, he is currently choreographing this year’s American Idol show. 

JaQuel Knight will work on Safura’s Drip Drop music video and then choreograph her Eurovision Song Contest stage performance. He is known for his cooperation with young, up-and-coming music artists in Los Angeles. 

“I almost fell on the floor when I found out that JaQuel will be my choreographer. I mean, I know him as Beyoncé’s choreographer, right? So you can imagine. I was very nervous when I first met him. But he’s just such a cool guy. Really, I think I share a lot with him. We understand each other very well. I’m so happy to work with him,” said Safura. 

Safura will represent Azerbaijan with the song Drip Drop in the upcoming edition of Europe's favourite TV-show, held in the capital on Norway, Oslo.