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Belgrade welcomes the Land Of Fire

17 May 2008 at 16:45 CEST

Belgrade turned into the Land Of Fire yesterday in the evening. After the mind-blowing concert below the Kalemegdan fortress, the Azeri delegation invited all the press and fans to their Day After Day Party, which took place in the very luxurious building of the SKC club. It was called a Citadel Of Good And Evil for that night. The big angel wings decoration in front of the building symbolized the victory of goodness over evil.

The guests were welcomed with Azerbaijani red wine and whiskey. Everybody could enjoy the rich variety of different delicious dishes, inclusive Azeri traditional cakes. Elnur & Samir performed their 2008 Eurovision Song Contest entry. They warmly greeted the representatives of San Marino, who dropped by.

A very energetic musical atmosphere filled the party during a performance of traditional Azeri drum music. All guests were very entertaining, and even some delegation members were involved in the Azeri dancing. It consisted of very quick leg movements and dancing in a circle, embracing the next dancers. Many delegates and guests wore Elnur & Samir T-shirts with white wings and a red tail hanging from their back, reminding of the Azerbaijani stage act in the First Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.