Witloof Bay from Belgium nearly reached the final in 2011
Witloof Bay from Belgium nearly reached the final in 2011 Photo: EBU

Belgium: What you can do with just vocals!

How it works without music on stage

The two girls and the four guys in Witloof Bay gave some very strong renderings on stage today. They filled the gigantic hall just with their vocals effortlessly. Covering the stage effectively with a clever choreography helped to convey the message that good sounds can also result from just vocals!

Not many changes could be seen compared to their first rehearsal from some days ago. The gimmick-free performance was enhanced by a fitting LED-background consisting of blinking white sticks. The clothes today were new to the audience though, with the girls being in grey and black dresses while the guys' colours were dominated by black, yellow, white and red.

In February, the group had easily won the Belgian final with top marks from both the televote and a specially-formed professional jury - will the same happen next Thursday during the second Semi-Final for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?

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Talking to Witloof Bay backstage

Most countries' delegations are working hard on balancing the music and the voices. For Belgium's a cappella, there is only voice to think of. But the band explains that this doesn't make it easier.

"We can only talk for ourselves, but it's really difficult for us to get a nice balance in a very big hall and to hear yourself properly. It's always a very important work."

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Talking to the press

At the beginning of the press conference, everyone of the Belgian team was introduced.

It was explained that each of the group members has a certain role. It took them hours and hours to write the song, and everyone would contribute to the development of the song.

When asked about the plans for the future, the group explained that first, they created only cover-versions, but now they would be working also on original songs for an album which would be released early next year.

They disclosed that they would come from all regions of Belgium, but wouldn't like to be involved in politics.

Witloof Bay have a ritual before going on stage, they would all hug and shake hands.

The group have day jobs apart from singing, like teaching.

The second rehearsal felt much nicer for the group, it was easier than the first. "It's pleasant to be on this stage", was one of the comments from the group members.

The group closed their press conference with acapella versions of last year's German winner Satellite by Lena and other songs.

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