Belgium: Tom keeps things simple

Nothing has really changed in Belgium's second rehearsal apart from the fact that Tom revealed his outfit for the Semi Final performance, instead of the t-shirt and jeans he wore at the first rehearsal, he'll be wearing dark blue trousers, matching waistcoat and a lighter blue shirt in an elegant yet informal way. The edge of Tom's precious guitar is also tinged in blue.

The stage, with black and orange lights, is very unpretentious but the whole package really looks effective creating a melancholic atmosphere that fits the song perfectly.

Tom looks confident  when alone on the stage, however he has two backing singers supporting him from the shadows of the main stage while he performs the tender Me And My Guitar on the centre of the catwalk.


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"I taught myself guitar"


Tom Dice just finished his second press conference where he admitted that everything's going great for him in Oslo. He mentioned that the change in the lighting was because his figure would be more visible this way as it was too dark before. Me And My Guitar is about the music and his love for it, and coming to the contest is a great way of showing himself to Europe.

Tom has taught himself guitar, as he left the music school after just one year, when he had already learned the basics: "I could have become a better guitarist if I had stayed, but to me it was all about playing". He mentioned some of his musical influences and favourites, like Muse or Gavin DeGrath, and then he picked his guitar and played one of Gavin's songs before showing us an even more intimate version of Me And My Guitar.

One journalist noticed that this type of song is very unusual for the competiion: "When I knew I was going to the Eurovision Song Contest it was with the contest in mind, but I didn't want to write a song especially for it, I just wanted to show a typical Tom Dice song, not making one on purpose".

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