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Belgium: Rock'n'roll is going to get you?

25 March 2009 at 15:31 CET

Following the way of two previous broadcasters in the same Semi-Final, Belgium's RTBF decided to choose their participant internally once again. The entry was chosen already last autumn but was revealed in February. The song itself was revealed just some weeks ago. You can more about that here.

Ouchène's great passion for fifties rock ’n’ roll naturally led him to become a musician but he has always remained loyal to rockabilly. As guitarist and singer, he is not content with copying or recreating the great classics of the era, Patrick also writes and composes his own songs.

His greatest commercial success was Je Suis Swing with the group The Dominos, which entered the French Top 10 in 1991. With this hit, the Dominos took part in major French entertainment programmes with the great honour of singing C’est à Paris in a duet with the famous Charles Aznavour.

More recently, Patrick Ouchène produced six full CDs that provide an explosive cocktail of rockabilly straight out of the fifties and played by rock ’n’ roll aficionados and authentic music clubs.

Copycat singing Copycat

"Many people will think it's kitsch and ridiculous, but I think that this is a big opportunity to give media exposure to the music style I'm bringing," the 43 year-old French rockabilly singer said about his entry earlier. "I'll have two missions: represent Belgium and defend this music style."

Copycat was was written by Jacques Duvall, the pseudonymn of Eric Verwilghen and composed by Benjamin Schoos. In the past, Duvall has written the hit Le Banana Split which proved to be a huge hit in 1979, selling more than two million singles. Watch their creation below:


The performers will also be called Copycat and will be taking the stage in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 12th of May in Moscow. Read more about them here.

What do you think of it? How well will it do? Let us know below!