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Belgium: More details about Eurosong 2014 released

02 October 2013 at 12:54 CEST

In the spring of 2014, Één will launch a brand new, unique edition of Eurosong 2014, Belgium's national selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Piet Goddaer and Jef Martens, better known as Ozark Henry and Basto/Lazy Jay, are the first of four experts who will look for the best candidates and the best songs, but ultimately, the viewer has the final say.

After Één internally chose Tom Dice and Iris in 2010 and 2012 respectively, this spring the broadcaster will work with the viewers to find the act that will make Belgium shine on the stage at the biggest music festival in Europe. For the first time, Één will search for a song and a performer separately. 

The Experts

To successfully tackle these two challenging assignments, Één has assembled a team of four experts with a lot of experience in the (inter)national music world. They will select artists who have it in them to render Europe speechless at the Eurovision Song Contest, and they will choose the very best songs. At the same time, they will also play matchmaker, pairing the chosen artists with the chosen songs.  

About Piet Goddaer

Singer, arranger, and producer Piet Goddaer brings one of the top names in the Belgian pop- and rock scene to the Eurosong expert panel.  As the founder and creative mind behind Ozark Henry, Goddaer has built himself an impressive reputation. 

His breakthrough came with Birthmarks and The sailor not the sea, and secured his place at the top in Flanders with The soft machine.  Goddaer writes, composes, and produces his own work and, additionally, produced and/or composed work by artists such as Arid, Lunascape, Novastar and DeLaVega.

Goddaer also has an excellent live reputation.  Last summer, he clinched the Radio 2 Summer Hit Trophy with I’m your sacrifice, from his most recent album, Stay Gold. Over the years, he has collected gold and platinum records, Zamu Awards, and an MIA, and was recently nominated as Best Belgian Act for the MTV European Music Awards in November. He recently released the single, Plaudite amici comedia finita est.

About Jef Martens

The name Jef Martens (born 8th January 1980) may not immediately ring any bells, but Jef’s alter egos, Basto and Lazy Jay are well enough known in the music world.

Together with Peter Luts, he made all the Lasgo records for four years, after which he let himself be heard as Basto and Lazy Jay.  Since 2010, he’s been reaping success all over Europe with several Basto singles.  In France in 2012, Radio NRJ voted him the best new DJ, and in 2013 the same happened in Spain with Fun Radio. 

He broke through as Lazy Jay in 2012, with Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay, and scored with Scream and shout by Will.I.Am ft. Birtney Spears – a number that he helped produce and write – a worldwide number one hit.  Recently, just like Ozark Henry, he was nominated as Best Belgian Act for the MTV European Music Awards.  Meanwhile, Martens is recording a new Natalia single, has new material ready with Will.I.Am, is writing numbers with Mika, and is collaborating with Natasha Bedingfield, Flo Rida and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The Process

Één viewers can join the search for the submission for the Eurovision Song Contest seven Sundays in a row:


2nd and 9th of February

An exciting competition for eight tickets straight to the semifinals

In the first two episodes, the castings, the candidates compete to win one of eight tickets straight to the semifinals. They do this by performing a number they have personally chosen from 58 years of Eurovision Song Contest history. Who has it in them to strike Europe speechless in Copenhagen? The experts will send eight candidates on to the semifinals.  

 Call Back  

16th February (live)

The last chance for a ticket to the Semi-Finals

Eight candidates who did not receive tickets to the semifinals during the castings will be invited back for the third episode: The Call Back. It is a show in which they must prove their worth, live on television, to the experts and viewers alike. The stakes? The last four tickets to the semifinals.


23rd February, 2nd March and 9th March (live)

Each week, four artists reveal their new songs to the world.

In total, twelve artsists will make it through to the next round:  the Semi-Finals.  There are three Semi-Finals, in which four artists perform their new songs. Over the past few months, the artists have slaved away and fine-tuned their entries, entrusted to them by the experts. The experts and the viewers both decide who makes it through to the Grand Final.


16th March (Live)

Six artists compete for the victory, the viewer decides.

Two acts from each Semi-Final will make it through to the Grand Final on the 16th of March. That day, six artists will compete for one honour: to represent Belgium at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. The Flemish viewers will decide, together with a European jury, who will receive this honour.  In this phase, the experts will only serve in an advisory role. In the final, the artists will perform their song with the full act as it would be seen at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Want to take part?


Candidates for Eurosong 2014 must send a film of themselves in which they perform a cover of a Eurovision Song Contest number.  They must not, therefore, register with their own number.  They may freely interpret the Eurovision Song Cotest number that they have chosen and “make it their own.”  Whether it’s a rock version of Waterloo, a danceable Hard Rock Hallelujah, or a subdued Je t’adore; anything goes, no holds barred.  For the choice of their number, candidates may look to 58 years of Eurovision Song Contest history.

Candidates can participate individually or in a group of up to six people. Registration and submission of a film is possible either online via the registration form on, or by downloading a registration form from the website and sending it, together with the film, to the following address:

Registration must reach the Eurosong 2014 editors no later than midnight, Monday 14th October 2013.

Song Submissions

Lyricists and composers may submit numbers for Eurosong 2014 until the 28th October 2013 to [email protected]. Any submission must be an original number, at a maximum of 3 minutes long and that has not been released before. A more detailed song briefing may be requested via [email protected].

Eurosong 2014 is a VRT Television production for Één.