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Belgium loves the cameras

13 May 2012 at 18:40 CEST

Backstage, Belgian singer Iris confessed to feeling fine, as well as excited about her first rehearsal. "It is a big stage for me and I really want to be on stage right now. It is a dream come true. I watched Eurovision as a child and now it is going to be's so crazy!"


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Iris is accompanied by three female backing singers on stage, and the performance is kept fairly straightforward, with little choreography. Iris moves around the stage a little, using a hand held microphone.

Elsewhere the backdrop on the LED screens comprises lots of pink baubles floating around, and in many ways is reminiscent of the 'share the moment' graphics used as the logo in the 2010 contest.

All types of cameras 

While the choregraphy has been kept simple, the song makes full use of all the different types of cameras available to the Director. From the cameras on the tracking rail, a camera that tracks out of the floor, the boom operated camera, (of which there is only one this year), the spider cam, the traditional cameraman on the floor, plus the camera that comes down from the ceiling; and as the song approaches the climax the steadycam operators appear on stage to encircle Iris. It is a far cry from the technology that was available back in 1986 when Belgium last won the contest.

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All different ages

As one of the last contestants to rehearse for the day, and with everything running a bit behind schedule, it wasn’t surprising that there weren’t many fans and journalists present for the press conference. However,Iris was happy with her first rehearsal, and that "everything had been fine, and
that this first time was special."

As one of the youngest contestants this year, Iris was asked how she felt about competing against the older contestants this year. "It is a big chance for me. I like that there are different ages. It's what makes Eurovision special!"

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