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Belgium: Loïc Nottet presents "Rhythm Inside"

10 March 2015 at 21:19 CET
Loïc Nottet Josh Brandão
As part of the promotional bonanza, Philippe Coppens from Loïc's record company, Sony Music Entertainment said, "our first objective was to choose a song that definitely does not sound like a typical Eurovision Song Contest song. The world of Loïc Nottet is very far from the contest".

Like Roberto Bellarosa in 2013, broadcaster RTBF has once again used The Voice Belgique format to choose its entrant for the 2015 Eurovision Contest in Vienna.

Rhythm Inside

It was announced at today's press conference hosted by RTBF that Loïc Nottet will performing Rhythm Inside at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. 

The following describes the essence of Loïc's song: "entrancing and primitively majestic, Rhythm Inside reminds us that the mechanism of our hearts is invariable. Only our individual decisions will decide what mark we leave on this world. Don’t force yourself to conform to the cadence of another, find your own inner rhythm ... you’ll see that you do not walk alone".

Who is Loïc?

At the age of 17, Loïc Nottet took part in the Blind Auditions singing the hit song Diamonds by Rihanna. His knockout performance and unique voice instantly won over the coaches and the audience alike. As a finalist in the third season of The Voice Belgique, the young Courcelles native signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment. His father wanted him to become a football player, but he wanted to sing and dance. With a style that is instantly upbeat and sincere, Loïc became a darling of the public thanks to his charisma and all-round personality.

Now, Loïc will perform the song Rhythm Inside for Belgium in the first Semi-Final of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna on the 19th of May. Tonight, the song will be premiered on RTBF''s main channel, La Une. Please come back later for more details!

We will also have an interview with the man himself, which will be available later on today. Stay tuned!