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Belgium: Axel's ode to his mother

28 April 2014 at 19:25 CEST

Axel from Belgium was in high spirits when he arrived at the arena. He had previously met various artists at events including Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam so was already quite friendly with a number of the artists including Pollapönk from Iceland. 

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Before heading to the stage for his rehearsal, Axel went for his in ear rehearsal and sound check. Here, he said that everything was perfect first time around. He also said, "it's amazing to hear 3,2,1 in my ear counting down to when I sing". 

On stage, Axel was joined by a single female dancer, performing gently along to the music and wearing a long black dress. 

Axel himself was wearing a very smart black suit and bow tie, a new costume since the Belgian Eurosong final back in March. 

Shades of purple 

The stage set up for Mother was very simple with shades of purple filling the entire arena and flowery sketches donning the huge LED screens at the back of the gigantic stage. 

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The performance very much focuses on Axel's voice with the dancer providing a sense of movement and symbolising the message of the song: the love of a child for his or her mother. 

Spotlights also play a big role in the performance moving gently to the tempo of this powerful ballad. 

Belgium will take part in the 1st Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on the 6th of May at the B&W Hallerne on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.